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Passion, Focus, Service

ChinaBootik is a small business powered by a multicultural team driven by the Passion to find and distribute unique and trustable quality high-tech products from China factories. Buying online from websites sourcing from China is often a random experience, with irregular service, and irregular product quality. It does not have to be!

We do not pretend to have a wide range of products or to be able to always find the lowest prices. Instead we look for products ideas online, listen to trends on social media and Focus on the few products for which we have found trustable sources with regular quality. If a single customer reports even a minor problem on a product, we get it out of our catalogue immediately.

We care to provide constant Service quality to each one of our customers, whether you buy just one low priced item or many items on a regular basis. We could have just put our product findings on eBay, but instead we have invested in our own website so we can better control our shopping experience. You can use our website from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The ordering process is secured with SSL encryption, and you will receive an email at each change of your order status.

We want to build a community of passionate customers who can trust us to find the best quality high-tech products from China factories. Yes there are plenty, if you can be there to check the quality. You can easily get in touch with us if any question. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Try us with your first order and we will earn back your trust. If you are happy, please leave a comment on the relevant product page, or a testimonial in the customer service pages. Your satisfaction, and word-of-mouth, is our only marketing!

Passion Focus Service


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