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Customers often ask what our return and refund policy is. While we do not accept returns if you changed your mind, or ordered the wrong product, we offer a 12 months warranty on most of the products in our catalogue.

Returns for faulty products under warranty

Unless explicitely mentioned, all products in our catalogue have a 12 months warranty in case of defect or quality issue, so you can order in full confidence. In order to return a product, please contact us to get a RMA number and the return instructions. In most of the cases we will repair the product or send you a new product. In some cases we will offer a refund of the product cost in the form of a voucher to be used on our site.

Check our FAQ for detailed information on our warranty policy.


We do not accept returns for the following reasons

  • The customer ordered the wrong product, or the actual functionalities of the product are different than expected. Please take the time to read the detailed product description and specifications and do not hesitate to contact us with any question regarding the products. Once you order you have committed to accept the product.
  • The customer changed his mind and would like to return the product. We are sorry we do not provide this return service as we do not resell second hand products.


Shipping Errors

If you are returning merchandise due to a shipping error, please contact customer service within 15 days of receipt for a Return Authorization Number. Please have your invoice available when you call. You will have the option to return the merchandise for a full refund, or have the items re-shipped. You will not be charged for return or replacement shipping charges.


Damaged Merchandise

Please inspect your package(s) before signing the release. Once you have signed the release, you have accepted the goods in their current condition. If the goods are damaged, you should refuse to sign the release. If your merchandise is damaged, please call customer service within 15 days of receipt.

Note: We do not replace or refund damaged merchandise if it has been accepted.


Unauthorized Returns

Products returned without authorization will not be accepted and returned to you at your cost without credit approval.

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